Atalia Felicia

Here are ways I can help you with.

Done for you Service

I will make digital marketing simple. I do end to end service for your business, including: 


1. Website creation and maintenance.

2. Digital branding and design

3. Customer experience

4. Content creation and marketing

5. Email marketing creation

6. Email marketing sequence

7. Copy writing. 

8. Strategy call.

9. Social media marketing

10. Social media creation


11. Digital course creation

All you have to do:


​​​​​​​1. Schedule your digital audit.

2. We will look at your business together during a zoom call. I will invite you to work with me, if there's a fit. 


3. I will personally work on your digital marketing backbone.  

4. You have your digital business rolling. 

5. Lifelong partnership, expand your network.

Digital Marketing Academy

An actionable digital course launching this year. You will learn not only step by step but result by result. Small, or big, you're going for results. 


The above mentioned done for you service, I will teach you how to do it all.

If you're bootstrapping, it's important that you can do all of it by yourself. At least when you're starting. 

If you're scaling, it's crucial to know the skills to help you decide on hiring the right people, and knowing what deliverables you should excpect from the people you hire, or contract. 

I will share everything I know, while you don't have to spend tens of thousands dollars and countless hours like I did. 

Fill out the form to be the first to hear once it's out. Places are limited as you will get personal attention in the course.

I joined a program and paid thousands of dollars, only to find out that there are so many students that it's impossible to have personal attention.

If you want to learn digital marketing success and still get the personal attention, this program is for you.

This will be first come first serve basis. See you inside the class? 

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More service?

Coaching and Consulting. 

Digital transformation or strategy formulation is in your agenda.

Or you have not been having success with this. 

In house workshop, training.

If you're looking to level up your team in digital marketing and sales, learning the latest formula that works. 

​​​​​​​Topics covered: digital marketing, marketing and sales, content marketing, email marketing, CRM, customer experience, list building, sales funnel. If you have a certain topic in mind, you're welcome to let me know.  

You might need a more personalised approach or more time to look for the solutions you're looking for in your organization.

I've been doing coaching and training since the days of corporate world. I see the best in people and know how to get the quality out of them.  

Want me to do the same to you and transform your business? Simply ask.

This is perfect for you if you're a business owner/CEO/Head of Marketing.  


"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic." Peter Drucker.  


If you want to work with me, start by scheduling a free, independent digital audit.

Stop procrastinating. Now is your turn. 

Schedule an audit now! 

Or simply DM (Direct Message) me on Instagram:

If you still have questions or need extra support, simply click the button. 

Connect to customers

Need a digital audit? It's crucial to see whether you're doing it right, or making costly mistakes. 

Get a free independent audit. I will walk you through on how to improve your digital strategy. 

I offer end to end digital marketing service suited to your business needs.

How can I serve you?