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An actionable digital course on digital marketing  launching this year. You will not only learn step by step, but result by result. Small, or big, you're going for results. 


The done for you service I offer, you will learn how to do it all by yourself or with your team. You no longer need to outsource, or if you do, you are in a better position make your decision. Some of the things you will excel: 

  • Digital marketing DIY.
  • Digital branding that stands out.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Creating and mantaining website that converts,
  • Content marketing that connects.
  • Email marketing that engages.
  • Social media marketing that generates awareness and ultimately leads.
  • Mapping customer profile and journey. 
  • Planning your profit.
  • Selling techniques that make people want to buy from you.
  • SEO and SEM.
  • You'll even discover more once inside the class.  

If you're bootstrapping, it's important that you can do all of it by yourself. At least when you're starting. 

If you're scaling, it's crucial to know these skills to help you decide on hiring the right people, and knowing what deliverables you should excpect from the people you hire, or contract. 

I will share everything I know, while you don't have to spend tens of thousands dollars and countless hours like I did. 

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I will only have limited place as I want to give personal attention to everyone enrolling. I joined a program and paid thousands of dollars, only to find out that there are so many students that it's over crowded. You get lost in discussions. 

If you want to learn digital marketing success and still get the personal attention, this program is for you. I will personally help you go through stages of your study and help you graduate!

This will be first come first serve basis. See you inside the class!  Make sure you fill out the form below to get the invite.

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