Atalia Felicia

This is my story.

Chapter 1: Early days, legacy.

Looking back, I could not ask for more in my childhood. As a family, we just had enough to get by, but my father always made sure that we had food on the table. While hustling can be an over rated word, he worked his a** off, having multiple jobs in his early days. He was a taxi driver, a wedding photographer, and more, to pay for his college. From his village, he went to Jakarta, the capital city by being weeks in a cargo ship!

From him I learnt to be resilient. To never complain and be grateful in all circumstances. Be rooted in my origin. This is why, even I live thousands of miles away from my homeland, for many years now, I still care deeply about where I'm from.


He used all his life making impact to people. I watched him being active in serving people, with everything he could. He always shared our home, provided shelter, donated for a cause or for people, volunteered when asked to chair a committee, and the list goes on..

Talking about my story, I must talk about him. He plays the greatest role in making  who I am now. He led by example. He never broke his promise, a man of integrity and to be trusted.

This is the legacy I live on: 

​​​​​​​1. To be resilient and to hustle.

2. To never complain and be grateful always.

3. To invest in becoming a lifelong learner. 

4. To make impact always.

5. To be trustworthy and resourceful.

Chapter 2: Life long learning. 

I remember reading books at home. Not a typical teenage chickflick, though. Do you remember Chicken Soup for the Soul? My mother had all the series. I ended up reading them too. Real stories of real people.

Of course, there were also Tony Robbins' books in our small but powerful library, at home. Other books I read which were not typical readings for a teenager was Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

A sophisticated teenager that I was, that's when I learnt about paradigm for the first time.

I was very fascinated by this picture presented in the book. This was the first time I realized that people could be looking at one same thing, while having at least 2 different perspectives.

Little that I knew than, this became very useful when I led teams of multinationals in the corporate world. With different cultures, backgrounds, and therefore, perspectives.

Thank you, Stephen Covey.

Then I went on until grad school. I completed BBA in Marketing Management, and Master in Finance and Accounting. As I was born curious and love learning, I still learn from great minds until today.

I also learn and absorb a lot everytime I travel. It's been more than 50 countries and loving every one of them.  


Are you looking at an old woman or young lady?

Chapter 3: The so called "corporate ladder" 

about atalia

Having learnt both qualities from my parents plus the papers called degree, I entered the corporate world, well equipped. Or so I thought. Unlike most people, I never hated my jobs.

Around 2002-2004, my mother insisted I had to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Being a good daughter, I read it and was I glad I did! It made me uncomfortable sitting in an "office". It showed me a new reality. About making money work for you, and to live in your own terms.

Still I went on working in a J.O.B., being in a comfort zone. It wasn't a million dollar salary but it was way above average of what others made. 

In 2013, I was grateful that my employer didn't want me anymore. I was offered the "golden handshake". The initial offer was far from golden, though. I negotiated until finally agreed on an amount 8 times as big.

Not that the final amount was huge, but the initial offer was close to cents.

One quick tip to be in a negotiation position: never feel intimidated. Look happy and calm, it will confuse the "opponent". The HR Director kindly walked me to the door, I said to her "It must be very hard to lay off half of the company".

I would find it very hard if it was me, at least. Reorganisation, ey? 

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Chapter 4: Your success story.

My why.

Being made redundant was a blessing in a disguise. It was really the push I needed to go out there and make a true impact with my existence.

Now here we are.

I am not far from where you are. I know your struggle. I know you want to make an impact with what you do and live your dream life.

Believe me, I know.

That's why I really want to take you by the hand in making your busines a huge success. Making an impact to your customers. As a bonus, you get your income.

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I can't wait to hear your success story not long after that.

It's not easy, but if it was, everyone was doing it.

I've made my employers millions.

Now I'll share with you what I'v done, what I've learnt.

What I taught my teams.

Enough about me. This is not at all about me. What's your story?

Let me know what you do and why you do it.

What are your dreams and hopes, challenges? What do you hope to achieve? What's stoping you from achiving your goals? I wanna hear all about it.

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I will walk you through on how to improve your digital strategy. 

Hi, I'm Atalia.

A digital business strategist, author and creator. I help creators and influencers like you to start, grow, and scale your business. So you can live an impactful life and have more time to do what really matters.